Liberia: Students attending Public Schools in Nimba Lack Teachers, MOE Collects Fees, But Hasn’t Sent Any Instructional Materials

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Report emanating from Nimba says More than 40 public elementary schools in 17 Administrative Districts lack teachers while some are being controlled by just single instructors. This come as a result of the lack of instructional materials coupled with the collection of tuition fees by the Ministry of Education without a supply to any of the school.

The principal of Zekeh Memorial High School in Zekepa, District #9, Mr. Moses Norbain, informed Bridge Radio Africa that since the 2019/2020 academic year began, the teacher, who taught the kindergarten section last school year, hasn’t been back; so that section is without any teacher at moment.

Principal Norbain also disclosed that the school lacks Economics, Biology, Math, Chemistry and Physics teachers for the senior high division. Schools that have at least one or two teachers were Gbowee Public School, Busie Public School, Whipa Public School and Zekeh Memorial High School, and Gbao Darvoyee Public School, which is at least 8 kms away from Sanniquellie, the capital city of Nimba County.


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