JFL Calls For Transparency in WFP 9-million Administrative Charges

by bridgeradio
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The leadership of Justice Forum LIBERIA (JFL) has expressed great disappointment over the manner in which the government of President George Weah colluded with the World Food Program (WFP) to allegedly defraud the people of Liberia.

JFL is responding to the ongoing argument and counter argument between WFP and the government of Liberia causing serious confusion in the Liberian community.

The Chief Executive, Maxson S. Kpakio, said they have learned that the World Food Program WFP did charge US$ 9 million dollars to distribute food ration across the country in selected communities.
In a release, Justice Forum LIBERIA is therefore calling on both the Liberian government and the World Food Program to come out publicly and clear the airwaves with nothing but the truth behind this saga.

JFL said that they have written the following organizations complaining and seeking their assistance including the United Nations, the African Union, Global Eye Witness, Corruption Watch, ECOWAS and USAID as well as the US and UK embassies.

Meanwhile, Justice Forum LIBERIA (JFL) is once again calling on the government of President George Weah to publicly intervene in the alleged over US $5 million dollars saga at the Capitol Building involving the Secretary of the Senate particularly and few other individuals.

JFL is hugely disappointed in the ‘President Pro Tem, Albert Chea for poorly handling the matter by squashing the case.

JFL is however calling of the Secretary of the Senate to turn himself in at the NSA Economic Crime Unit and stop living in hiding.


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