Cummings Under Spotlight!

by Paul Kanneh
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The Political Leader of Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings has come under public scrutiny shortly after taking over as Chairman of the 4 Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). He takes over from the political leader of All Liberia Party (ALP), Benoni Urey.

Founded 2018 for the so purpose of uniting against the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, the CPP now has a framework document that guides the 4 political parties in the collaboration. The parties include, Unity Party (UP), All Liberia Party (ALP), Liberty Party (LP) and Alternative National Congress (ANC). The leadership of the CPP is a rotational process.

Alexander Cummings now heads the CPP following an election process held yesterday, May 19, 2020. However, as Chairman, the ANC political leader has come under public scrutiny with both sides of the debate having their own perceptions about the business man turned politicians. A controversial Political Commentator and Author, Samuel Jackson is concerned about Cummings’ diplomatic deportment in a country he (Samuel Jackson) often terms as failed State and complex to lead.

Samuel Jackson: “Congratulations ABC on your election to Chairman of the CPP. I know you from Fiamah. You were a scared and careful little boy. Good traits for corporate America. But in Africa yea Liberia you have to show strength against the criminal gang running our country today. Tweah, McGill and Weah are not afraid. Only heat will make them squirm. If you play diplomatic politics with those gangsters they will eat you alive. Respect them as our government leaders but checkmate their awful behavior. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Lead, follow or get out of the way”.

As Samuel Jackson and others suspect Cummings of being too easy or diplomatic for the task entrusted to him, there are others who already feel that the new CPP Chairman is a leader in whom they are well pleased. Clifton Kwayekeh Glee: Congratulations, father, leader and mentor Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, on your ascendency to the chairmanship of the Collaborating Political Parties.
None, but all is lubricated with flaws, and falling short at times is more or like a phenomenal component of life as the human race journey it; what I can just not doubt is your zest and alacrity to put in the best of your experience in the political success of the Collaborating Political Parties. Again, congratulations, Sir. Alexander B. Cummings. All the best as you take the driving seat to lead half the population of the Republic (those who believe in the ideas of the CPP)”.

But a vocal Liberian female Journalist and Activist, Clara K. Mallah is all together apprehensive about the leadership style of past and current leaders from a region (Southeast) the ANC political leader hail from. “Generally speaking, presidents have failed Liberia, but the presidents from the South East have been the worst! As Alexander Cummings heads the CPP, if he was selected as the standard bearer for the CPP in 2023, (another South Easterner), and he wins, can we hope for a better Liberia? What distinguishes him from other leaders in the CPP and others from the South East? Has anyone checked if he is tribalistic or nationalistic? He is of a people’s person or he is another member of the “elite class”? Will he be like Ellen to input people who will loot and later depart for the USA, etc”? Clara K. Mallah is quoted as saying on her Facebook page.

As the debate of suspicion on Cummings continues, some of his supporters believe their leader should pursue his dream of becoming leader for Liberia. They are encouraging their leader to be the inspiration he wants to be in his life. Justin Zigbuo, a man believe to be one of Cummings’ supporters posted on his social media page: “A clarion call to our leader; the Political leader of the ANC, Alexander B. Cummings and now Chairman of the CPP.

Be yourself!!! Don’t ever tone down who you are to fit in with what other people or what the Liberian society expects of you. The world rewards those who are unapologetic to themself for who they are. There is no need to fit in where you were born to stand out! A lodestar amongst Political Leaders.

Follow your dreams!!! Don’t ever be apologetic for following your biggest dreams and goals in life… If there is anyone who tries to discourage you are not the right people for you in this stage of your life. Negativity is a virus and a dream killer. Don’t ever be made to feel that living the life of your dreams is wrong and selfish; going after and living the life of your dream is an amazing example to the world and everyone gets to watch it while you live it. Settling for a life you don’t want is the ultimate act of selfishness. You are virtually sentencing everyone that is witnessing to carry on in that legacy. Be the inspiration you want to see in your life”, Justin Zigbuo wrote on his page.

Although Cummings’ supporters are proud of his political achievement as Chairperson of CPP, others think that the position is a political demotion for him. Stephen Yanquoi Beyan Jr said on social media page that Cummings’ decision to settle for a “mere Chairmanship has already denied him the Standard-bearer position of the CPP because, according to him (Stephen Beyan), one has to give and take in politics. “Politics is give and take; Alexander B. Cummings reducing and gambling himself as mere Chairman of the CPP is a political relegation that dampens his chances to his perceived slut as the presumptive standard bearer of the CPP. The decision is a political demotion and the calculation was poor. Cummings settling for a mere Chairmanship has already denied him of the standard bearer position of the CPP because one has to give and take in politics. I see JNB beating loading in 2023. You can’t be making the same mistakes over and over and expect different results”, Stephen Yanquoi Beyan Jr. posted on his page.

Alexander Cummings, despite his rich credential has a stigma of newcomer and connection with a region most Liberians think has produced some of the worst Liberian leaders. But Cummings and supporters has since rubbished such claim, and have bragged about being the best to lead Liberia. Former Chairman of the CPP and Political Leader of ALP, Benoni Urey, amidst controversies over who to head the collaboration as Standard-bearer comes 2023, rated former Vice President Joseph Boakia over Cummings. According to him, Boakai is the most experienced among the rest. “For me, it is not who becomes President. Liberia needs the best”, Urey said in a statement published February 2020.

Hours after Urey’s assertion, a staunch supporter of Cummings, Mouna Farhat sharply debunked such statement. In her response, Mouna ruled out Urey being a factor in the CPP arrangement, and said that former Vice President Boakai is not experienced and more qualified than her political leader, Cummings. “If Joe Boakai travels around the world and is successful and becomes a millionaire than he can be compared to Cummings,” she said.

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